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Recent Cases

At The Accident Guys, we have an impressive record of daily car accident and work injury settlements. Below are actual cases our attorneys have settled for our clients. If you have time to read through our results, you can get a good idea of the cases our office has handled. These aren’t necessarily the highest settlements of the month, but cases where our lawyers made a big difference for our clients. Please note all cases are different and no guarantees can be made.

January 2023

Knee Injury With Medical Treatment Expose Build Up

Our client suffered an injury to the right knee because of repetitive lifting, climbing, bending, and squatting as part of his general labor job. He sustained a torn meniscus to the right knee and was also assaulted by a supervisor.

Our client was not happy with how he was being treated and wanted to settle his case so he could quit his job and undergo any further treatment with his own doctors. We helped our client get approved for the meniscus repair and get continued wage replacement benefits.

We were able to negotiate the inclusion of the value of a total knee replacement for our client should he need it in the future. Our team convinced the workers’ compensation doctor to include the necessity for a total knee replacement in his report and we used this report to settle our client’s case for $80,000.00. He was overjoyed about the settlement and happy to get out of the work environment where he felt he was not being taken seriously.

Our team assisted in getting our client the appropriate medical care, wage replacement benefits, the necessary surgery, therapy after he had the surgery, and a settlement that he was over the moon about.

Tags: Injuries, Knee Injury, Workers' Compensation
November 2022

Auto Accident/Workers’ Compensation Hybrid

This was a Workers’ Compensation (WC) and Personal Injury auto accident hybrid: our client was rear-ended (side/corner hit) on the highway while on the job. Although our client’s (work) vehicle had moderate damage, the defendant’s vehicle was a total loss. Client sustained a number of injuries, including neck injury, back injury, wrist injury, headache/head injury, and shoulder injury – primarily on his right side. He ultimately required about $29,000 in medical expenses, including MRIs (indicating up to 4.7mm spinal disc bulges on a younger client), neurological evaluations, and one lumbar epidural steroid injection.

We were quickly able to secure the at fault party’s policy limits.

The first party adjuster hired an “experienced” attorney to work against us. Initially, first party attempted to snake their way out of coverage by claiming the vehicle was a rental. We did our due-diligence, refused to blindly accept the denial, and let them know they need to get familiar with the facts of the case fast (clearly, they weren’t).

After establishing our ground, we secured an additional $45,000 in UIM exposure (of course, at no cost to our client) for a total settlement of $60,000 – a little over twice the meds without having to spend additional time or expense in mediation and/or arbitration.

Our WC team also knocked the case out of the park (compensating our client even further for his WC case) AND we successfully pushed to heavily reduce (if not fully waive) the WC lien. Our client was ecstatic!

Tags: Auto Accident, Back Injury, Leg Injury, Neck Injury, Personal Injury, Rear End Accident, Shoulder Injury, Total Loss, Workers' Compensation, Wrist Injury
Krista G.
So happy to have worked with The Accident Guys. They did my case fast, but efficiently. I always either got a text back right away or a phone call and was never ignored.
Krista G.
September 2022

Truck Driver With Multiple Injuries

Our client suffered an injury from his multiple years cleaning and driving a big rig. He also suffered additional injuries when his truck would bottom out from driving over large dips on the road.

The insurance companies fought tooth and nail on his firm and we were able to get him to see many different specialists in the field. He suffered a shoulder injury and knee injury that were not deemed surgical, in addition to a low back injury. Most of the body parts on his claim were disputed and there were three insurance companies fighting our client and dragging him in different directions.

We were able to intervene and discuss a great resolution of the claim for $80,000.00. Our client was very pleased with the result and he received three retraining vouchers, valued at a total of $18,000.00 worth of retraining benefits, with the ability to apply for an additional $5,000.00 cash stipend.

Tags: Back Injury, Leg Injury, Shoulder Injury, Workers' Compensation
August 2022

Back Injury While Digging Trench

Our client suffered a low back injury while digging a trench. Medical treatment became disputed but we were able to push the matter forward and get our client treatment. Once treatment was completed the insurance company presented a lowball offer. We contested the medical reporting and were able to increase the settlement authority dramatically from $12,500.00 to $30,000.00 after negotiating with the insurance company. Our client also wanted to move on from his previous position and we were able to negotiate a retraining voucher so that our client could learn a new trade.

Our client was ecstatic with the result and the increase in authority that was obtained.

Tags: Back Injury, Low Ball Offer, Workers' Compensation
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    July 2022

    Workers’ Compensation – Arm Injury and Plans to Move Out of State

    Our client suffered an arm injury at work when an object struck them in the arm, causing a laceration with numbness and prolonged pain. By getting our client to a great doctor, they were able to get treatment, injections, and paid time off work. Our client continued to receive lost wages for time lost for the injury, physical therapy, and medical treatment through our doctors.

    Eventually, an MRI of the left forearm revealed that our client would not need surgery. Our client also moved out of state for personal reasons and wanted to close their claim. We were able to settle for $30,000.00 with a voucher to be used for retraining, and our client was ecstatic about the result.

    Our team is compassionate and able to work with any personal situations to make sure that your workers’ compensation claim is resolved to your maximum benefit!

    Tags: Injections, Workers' Compensation
    April 2022

    Workers Compensation – Slip and Fall


    Our client had a slip and fall at work and hurt his lower back.  After being brushed off, our office was able to push the claim through so that our client could get the back surgery that he needed.

    Following the surgery, the insurance company was fighting back and not offering a reasonable settlement taking into account the impairment he still had following the surgery.  We fought back by getting our client to a great doctor that wrote a very favorable report.

    The doctor noted that our client should be allowed to have another surgery in the future should his symptoms flare up.  With this report, and multiple rounds of negotiations, we were able to settle his claim for $115,000.00.  Our team also secured additional benefits for him to be able to retrain and pursue the career path that he wanted.

    Our client was ecstatic about the result and customer care that was provided.

    Tags: Back Injury, Slip and Fall, Surgery, Workers' Compensation
    David D.
    The Accident Guys were able to negotiate the other party's Insurance to be 100% accountable for the accident. Thank you so much to everyone at The Accident Guys for all you hard work!
    David D.
    February 2022

    Workers’ Compensation – Fall From a Plane

    Our client was a flight attendant that fell while exiting a plane that was on the tarmac. Unfortunately, one of the ground crew did not place the exit stairs properly, which caused our client to fall out of the plane onto the ground. We were able to get her workers’ compensation medical care that took care of the surgeries that she had to undergo.

    Our client wanted to move out of state because she was pregnant. Our client wanted to close out her case, and we were able to get the insurance company to waive almost $100,000.00 of liens, and offer a settlement of completely new money worth $95,000.00.

    Our client was extremely pleased with the settlement and is now looking forward to life with her newborn child.

    Tags: Surgery, Workers' Compensation
    December 2021

    Workers’ Compensation – Denial of Cumulative Trauma Injury

    Our client was working remotely in the billing department for a company. Over time, she sustained an injury to the right shoulder, neck, and right hand as a result of repetitive duties involved with her job. She also had a psychiatric injury due to workplace environment and repeated stress.

    The claim was denied and the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company refused to advance any benefits or medical care. As a result, we were able to schedule the applicant with one of our treaters and dispute the denial. Multiple imaging studies were obtained at no cost to our client and a settlement of $37,500.00 was obtained for our client.

    Tags: Neck Injury, Workers' Compensation
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      Workers’ Compensation – Car Accident While on the Job

      Our client worked as a technician for solar panels and was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on the clock. The initial settlement offer for the claim was less than $20,000.00. Our client sustained an injury to the neck and low back but wished to close out as his case as he had already undergone treatment and had gone back to work for another company.

      Our Workers’ Compensation department aggressively pushed the case towards a settlement of $60,000.00, more than a 300% increase from the initial offer.

      Tags: Auto Accident, Back Injury, Low Ball Offer, Neck Injury, Workers' Compensation