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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Getting injured on the job can cause significant stress and frustration. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to navigate when making a workers’ comp claim. Small mistakes or missed details could lead to an unfair denial of your claim, or even an undervalued settlement, and that’s exactly why you need a trusted and experienced law firm to protect your rights.

What exactly is workers’ compensation?

No matter what you do for work, your employer should have workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries that happen while you’re on the job. This can include medical treatment, temporary disability payments, and direct payments to cover expenses associated with the injury.

There could be several reasons you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, and it doesn’t have to be directly related to a specific accident at work. Workers’ compensation benefits cover

  • work-related accidents or injuries,
  • injuries from repetitive motions or labor,
  • exposure to chemicals and other hazardous materials, and
  • even symptoms following a Covid-19 exposure at work.

If you or a loved one have been injured at work, we strongly recommend seeking the help of an experienced firm. Rather than risk your claim getting denied, our workers’ compensation team can assist you along the way and help you avoid being taken advantage of by the insurance company. We pride ourselves in taking the stress out of dealing with insurance companies, whose business goal is not your best interests, but to limit their own costs.

Why work with The Accident Guys?

Our clients always come first. We are committed to serving our clients, delivering the justice they deserve, and being there for them every step of the way. We do not charge anything up front and only get paid if we win. We may even be able to set you up with medical treatment if your claim is denied. As a convenience to you, we can come to you anywhere in California. If you have been injured at work, give us a call today for a free consultation. We are available 24/7.

“They dealt with all the hassles of trying to get back up on your feet.”
– Charlene P.

“All of my medical bills were paid, car paid off, and I received a substantial settlement.”
– Marcus B.

“It was just phenomenal service.”
– Matthew N.

Shannon D, Victorville, CA
I was a new mom and trying hard to care for my new little one while working full time I didn’t have any time for anything else. They helped me find medical help as well as take care of the lawsuit. They made this very difficult time a little easier. Thank you Accident Guys.
Shannon D, Victorville, CA

If you were injured at work, you may be entitled to serious compensation and medical treatment. Call us now for a free consultation. We will discuss your rights and explain how we will work to maximize your recovery.

Regardless of your location, we can come to you at your convenience. We are ready to serve you.


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