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8 Reasons Why The Accident Guys Are California’s Most Trusted Auto Accident Attorneys

Few things are more devastating than an auto accident. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, whether they were under the influence, driving recklessly or simply not paying attention, you deserve to be compensated for everything you’ve gone through. The Accident Guys are the best choice in California when looking for an auto accident attorney.

8 Reasons Why The Accident Guys Are California’s Most Trusted Auto Accident Attorneys

Our Attorneys Negotiate Your Case

Being in an auto accident can be a traumatizing experience, as well as a complicated process to navigate through. The last thing you want is a non-lawyer (which is very common at other firms) negotiating your personal injury case. Having a lawyer negotiate your case is extremely important in maximizing the value of your claim.

An experienced attorney knows the best strategies and procedures to follow when dealing with insurance companies, and what evidence will help or hurt your case. Additionally, when an adjuster is negotiating a claim with an attorney directly, they typically offer more money to resolve the claim. At The Accident Guys, your bodily injury claim will always be negotiated by a California licensed attorney from start to finish.

We Explain Everything

Many accident attorneys just take your basic information and run with it, leaving you constantly wondering what’s going. Where does your case stand? How much is your case really worth? When can you expect some sort of resolution? How long will it take to close your case? The Accident Guys will explain everything to you and answer all your questions right from the beginning.

We Keep Our Clients in the Loop

When you’re going through a legal issue, few things are more frustrating than not hearing from your lawyer. You wonder whether anyone’s even paying attention! The Accident Guys are very personable and will keep communicating with you throughout your claim, answering your questions and making sure you’re always in the loop without placing any burden on your shoulders.

We Go the Extra Mile

Some accident attorneys only care about doing the basics of their job and then moving on to the next case. The Accident Guys treat you like family. Every aspect of your auto accident is important to us. You can expect us to check up on you to see how you’re doing, assist with scheduling doctor appointments, and be available whenever you need – we make sure you’re getting the care you deserve.

We Work Fast

No one wants an auto accident case to drag on and on. The Accident Guys settle the majority of our cases in less than a year! This really benefits our clients as they can use their settlement check to help them get back on track. We work hard to get your case resolved as quickly as possible and get you the compensation you deserve, so you can get on with life.

We Go to Bat for You

When you are in negotiations with an insurance company, you want to feel like your attorney is ready to fight for you like a mama bear for her cubs. The insurance company is doing everything in their power to protect their own best interests: you need someone just as determined watching out for yours. That’s just what you can expect from The Accident Guys.

We Come to You

The Accident Guys will come to you at your convenience. All you have to do is make the call or visit the website to chat with an attorney. You don’t have to wait until you’re well enough to leave the hospital or struggle to leave the convenience of your home when you’ve been injured.

We Are Highly Recommended 

What sets The Accident Guys apart from other attorneys in California is our excellent online reviews. In fact, many of our clients found us through word-of-mouth recommendations from previous happy, satisfied clients. There is no better indication that you’ve found the best California auto accident attorney than seeing how many former clients recommend us.

Give Us a Call

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t settle until you find out all your options. Call The Accident Guys today for a free case consultation and find out how quickly you can get past your accident and back to life.

Personal Rideshare Coverage and Why You Need It

Driving for a rideshare like Uber or Lyft can be a smart way to supplement your income. It’s so convenient, in fact, that drivers tend to overlook some important basics, like rideshare insurance.

Doesn’t My Insurance Cover My Car?

If you’re driving in California, the state’s financial responsibility laws require you to carry a certain minimum coverage. If you’ve already met these minimums, doesn’t that cover anyone in your car, such as a rideshare passenger?

The answer is no. Most insurance policies specifically do not cover you or your vehicle if you’re using your car for anything other than personal use or to drive around people you know. If you’re using your car for a commercial operation, you won’t be covered. Consequently, your personal insurance rates could skyrocket if you have an accident on the job and your insurance provider finds out.

Doesn’t the Rideshare Company Cover Insurance Costs?

This question is complicated. Uber, for example, does offer commercial liability to their drivers. The first problem is there are some gaps in that coverage which can leave you vulnerable. Worse, rideshare company insurance doesn’t change the fact that you’re still obligated by California law to personally carry enough insurance coverage to meet the minimums.

Your own personal insurance doesn’t cover rideshare, yet you’re still obligated to carry personal insurance any time you’re on the road. Regardless of which insurance the rideshare company might have available; most drivers will need additional coverage.

Why You Need Insurance

It’s the Law

California’s law uses your rideshare app to determine how much liability insurance you are required to carry. Whenever your app is on, the law puts you into one of three categories:

  • Category one covers the time you’re actively waiting for a passenger to book
  • Category two covers the time a passenger has booked, but has not been picked up
  • Category three covers the entire time the passenger is in your car

Each of these categories require a different level of insurance coverage. Whenever your app is off, you don’t need any coverage other than your personal insurance.

Rideshare Insurance Isn’t Enough

Even if it were legal for you to use only the insurance from your rideshare company, it’s simply not enough. There’s no comprehensive coverage for you during category one: the time you spend actively online looking for a passenger. Yet, state law requires you to have insurance during this period. Rideshare insurance fills in this gap and ensures you’re covered every moment that your rideshare app is open.

The Financial Consequences Are Extreme

If you’re involved in an auto accident in California and don’t have the proper insurance, it could easily spell financial and personal ruin. Car accidents cost Americans over $230.5 billion a year. It’s not just damage to vehicles you have to worry about: the biggest costs in an accident can be loss of income, enormous medical bills, or a lifetime of disability for you or someone you injure.

Another important consideration are the penalties for driving without the proper insurance. All the penalties and fees for a first-time offense can easily add up to nearly $500, and your car may be impounded. You won’t be able to get it back until you do get insurance; and if you’ve just had an accident, it will be all the harder to find affordable rideshare insurance.

How Much Will Rideshare Insurance Cost?

The good news is rideshare coverage isn’t terribly expensive. In some cases, your own private insurer may be willing to offer you rideshare coverage for an extra $40 or $50 a month. In other cases, you may need to get a quote from another insurer.

The price you pay will depend on your driving record, credit score, and how much time you spend driving. If you’re buying rideshare insurance in California, separate from your personal insurance, expect to pay between $120 and $250 a month.


You may not have thought much about rideshare insurance, but if you’re using your car for commercial purposes, rideshare coverage is crucial. The extra costs will be well worth it for the peace of mind; and for the protection when the day comes you need it.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you speak to your insurance agent about the benefits of ride share coverage.

Any information contained herein is intended solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.

4th Of July Safety: The Top 3 Most Common Types of Accidents on Independance Day

Blog 2

With 4th of July weekend quickly approaching, communities across California are preparing for a long holiday weekend that includes travel, fireworks, bbqs, beaches, and all that our beautiful state has to offer. Celebrating our Independence Day is not only one of the busiest days of the year but it has also been proven to result in more injuries than any other holiday, including New Year’s Eve.  Here are the most common types of accidents and how to avoid them.

DUI Accidents: Statistics gathered over the past 25 years by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have determined that an average 51% of all deadly traffic accidents on 4th of July are alcohol related.  Sunny California also adds to the effects of alcohol due to dehydration and drowsiness from the heat.  There is only one tried and true method to avoid a DUI Accident, never get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence.  

Car Accidents: According to the National Safety Council, as many as 409 people will be killed on the road during 4th of July weekend with another 49,500 injured.  Necessary precautions can help ensure a memorable weekend as well as the ability to lower these statistics. Read More

Auto Insurance for Beginners


Accidents can happen anywhere, so we must always be prepared and have the best coverage. You first need to figure out what amount of coverage you need and want. Do you commute to and from work? Is it a long commute? Do you want full coverage? How much are you willing to pay? What is within your budget? These are all questions you might be asking yourself when picking out an auto insurance coverage. There are different types of coverage. Read More

Where Accidents Happen the Most in Los Angeles



Los Angeles is known for its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and insane traffic. We all know that once 5 o’clock hits, you have to avoid the freeway at all costs so you’re left at the mercy of google maps and side streets. We will do anything to avoid being stuck in that 2-hour commute home, but did you know that there are many streets in Los Angeles that are known for their frequent car accidents? Here we have the intersections in Los Angeles with the most car accidents:




In most of these cases, 41% of these drivers are at fault and 31% it is the pedestrians that are at fault. If you are looking for different streets to take home, then we highly suggest you avoid these intersections.


For those of you who like to get around by foot, avoid Hollywood & Highland. Not only is it home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it is also known as the place where most pedestrians get run over by cars. Followed by Central & Vernon, these are the streets to avoid if you are planning on walking to your next destination.




Lastly, we all hate hit and runs, right? Why do people make the decision to drive without being accountable for their actions? Whether it is because they are stressed, distracted, or just texting on their phone… hit and runs happen everywhere. Here, we have the intersections in LA with the most reported hit and runs:




Accidents are unavoidable. They can happen anywhere and at any time. But if we can avoid the places where they happen most often, then we can drive with a better piece of mind. If you or anyone you know is ever caught in an accident, whether it was your fault, a hit and run, motorcycle accidents, or any personal injury accident don’t hesitate to contact The Accident Guys. Your safety and justice is our priority; we are here to help you win!


-Stay safe from, The Accident Guys



I retrieved greater than triple what I had in mind at the onset. So I would definitely recommend using Eliot and his firm to anybody who has been injured.

John K, California

Attorney Omid is a fantastic lawyer.. The response time was quick, he always answered any questions I had, and I am very happy with the settlement for my injuries. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Omid, he is very diligent and makes sure you are taken care of!

Patrick D, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

BEST Accident attorneys ever, very professional and friendly. From the moment I called them to the end of the case they have been very informative and helped me understand anything I did not understand. I felt like I was taken care as if I was one of their family members. If you are ever in an accident don't hesitate to give them a call. Thanks again for helping me throughout the whole process.

Mehrab A, Irvine, CA

My family and I had an accident last 2016. It was very traumatizing and scary, but luckily we are all ok and safe. My husband and I was referred by our friend to this company. As soon as we called the office, Atty Eliot and his team were very helpful in explaining everything to us. From the receptionist and other staff members, they are very caring, helpful and professional. When we have questions, Atty Eliot and his team will respond via email or phone as soon as they can. I will highly recommend this company. They are amazing and the best!!! Thank you again Atty Eliot and team.

Via T, Los Angeles, CA

In the past 30 years that we've had to deal with attorneys for various issues, Omid E. Dayan and his staff was the best in all areas. They were very professorial, polite and diligent. They far exceeded our expectations.

Lorraine V, Los Angeles, CA

Awesome people, very helpful and friendly. Brian, Elliot, Karen are the best at what they do and they really take their time to make sure you clearly understand everything. Thanks so much, you guys are a blessing!!

Dominique B. Ontario, CA

From my first phone call up until my case was closed, Omid and his staff showed nothing but the utmost support and professionalism...They made sure I got the medical care I needed, and they kept in constant contact to offer updates and to ensure my well being. I can't say enough about these guys, but don't just take my word for it; every other reviewer speaks about their experience with them in the same glowing terms. These guys are awesome!

Elmer R, Corona, CA

I called after my accident in September as soon as I realized I was NOT OKAY after the hit... so I didn't have any clue what I was doing or how to go about pursuing help with medical bills, vehicle repair, etc... Eliot texted and called me with updates constantly, the case went in my favor and he was able to get me the max settlement. Very happy with the level of service and communication. 5 stars!

Denise Y, Torrance, CA

I got into a traffic accident on 5 freeway while driving to san diego and started having pretty back neck and lower back pain. i made a research looking for a reliable law firm and found this law firm whom i can trust. they were very responsive throughout the process and i am satisfied with their service. if you ever get involved in an unfortunate incident like this, i highly recommend that you retain them and let them handle your case.

Bogami A, Irvine, CA

I got T-Boned by a drunk driver...I've never had to deal with something like this and they took care of everything. Omid handled my case... I hope I never need their services again but if I do. They will be one and only call. Thank you Omid!

Keith M, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I could tell Omid genuinely cared about my situation. He always kept in contact, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. We were also able to settle on a higher amount than originally anticipated, due to his hard work! Thank you again!

Maddy M, Laguna Niguel, CA

Despite all the headaches from my accident and having to see multiple doctors on multiple occasions "The Accident Guys" were always there for me. Through it all...They definitely have my loyalty. I would recommend them over any other law firm!! They deserve 10 stars not 5!!

Christa R, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Eliot Houman is by far the best attorney I have ever encountered! He gets speedy results and stays in touch every step of the process. I recommend this firm to anyone involved in an accident of all and any type.

John K, Los Angeles, CA

Injuries are no fun, but dealing with Eliot is. Eliot is a great lawyer, and a great person! Highly recommend reaching out to him.

Yoni S. San Francisco, CA

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