August 2019

Auto v. Commercial: Fracture

Our client was injured in a multiple vehicle accident. As they always try to do, the insurance company initially tried to low ball our client and offer $48,000. However, due to our firm’s persistence, we were able to settle our client’s case for more than 3 times her medical bills. Our client walked away with more money in her pocket than the insurance company’s initial offer without having to go to court.

Auto v. Auto: Sideswiped

The defendant sideswiped our client but lied to his insurance company about the facts of the accident. As a result, the insurance company denied liability. Our client, however, had dash cam footage that verified the facts of the accident. Despite the footage, the insurance adjuster continued to deny liability. Due to our attorneys’ persistence, we were able to reverse the adjuster’s liability decision and resolve the case for our client.

Auto v. Auto: Stop Sign

Our client was t-boned at a stop sign causing her to suffer from a spine injury. At the time of accident our client was only 22 years. Our attorneys were able to secure the full policy limits for our client in less than 6 months.

Auto v. Auto (Driver and passenger)

Our firm represented both the driver and passenger in a rear end accident. Shortly after the accident, they reached out to our office for representation. When they called, neither of them had seen a doctor despite their lower back pain. We set them up with treatment and resolved their claims for more than double their medical bills.

Pedestrian v. Auto: Fracture

Our 81-year-old client suffered a right tibia fracture and had difficulty walking after the incident. As such, he was recommended surgery. His medical bills were less than $15,000. Our client wanted to resolve the claim without going to court. As a result, our attorneys were able to resolve this claim for 6 figures, in less than 8 months without filing a lawsuit.

I could tell Omid genuinely cared about my situation. He always kept in contact, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. We were also able to settle on a higher amount than originally anticipated, due to his hard work! Thank you again!

Maddy M, Laguna Niguel, CA

July 2019

Auto vs. Semi Truck Accident

Our client was involved in a head-on collision with semi-truck resulting in significant injures. After months of treatment, the insurance company initially offered $150,000 and later tried to dispute liability. We were ultimately able to settle the client’s claim for
$540,000 without having to set foot in court.

Auto vs. Auto Accident

Our client was rear-ended at high speed. He suffered injures to his back and knee and was recommended an epidural injection and bone marrow stem cell injection. The insurance company initially offered was $40,000. After weeks of negotiating, we were able to settle the case for
$115,000 (almost four times his total medical bills).

Left Turn Accident

Our client was referred to us by his relative who used our services in the past. In this case, the defendant made an unsafe left turn causing significant property damage to our client’s vehicle. As a result of the accident, our client suffered from neck, chest, wrist and knee pain. We were able to get the full
policy limits of $50,000 for our client in less than 8 months.

Auto v. Auto Accident: Wrist Injury

Our client’s wrist injury was aggravated as a result of a rear-end accident. After she contacted our office, we were able to get her the treatment she needed. Although client’s car did not sustain significant property damage, we were able to secure the defendant’s
policy limits of $100,000 without having to file a lawsuit.

Auto v. Auto Accident: Rear End

As a result of the accident, our client sustained whiplash, headaches and lower back pain. Despite these injuries, the insurance company refused to make an acceptable offer. Therefore, we had to file a lawsuit. Less than 6 months after the complaint was filed, the insurance company offered their insured’s
$100,000 policy to resolve the claim.

Auto v. Bus Accident: Rear End

Although liability was clear, the bus company was non-responsive and did not provide their insurance information. However, our team’s persistence resulted in a settlement of
$23,000 which was more than three times our client’s medical bills.

Attorney Omid is a fantastic lawyer.. The response time was quick, he always answered any questions I had, and I am very happy with the settlement for my injuries. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Omid, he is very diligent and makes sure you are taken care of!

Patrick D, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

June 2019

Auto v. Uninsured DUI Motorist:

Client was hit by an uninsured and drunk driver who ran a red light. Fortunately he had uninsured motorist coverage. Although our client sustained bodily injuries, he was only able to go to 1 doctors appointment. Nevertheless, we were able to secure the
policy limits of $15,000 from his insurance company in under 1 year.

Auto v. Auto (Client with pre-existing injury)

Client with prior neck injury was rear-ended and pushing into the car in front of her by an uninsured driver, which aggravated her existing neck injury. We were able to secure
policy limits of $50,000 for her in under 1 year.

Motorcycle vs. Auto

Our client was sharing the lane while riding her motorcycle when she was cut off. She fell down at 20-25mph and had some road rash. She had minimal treatment with $3,500.00 in medical bills. We were able to get the insurance company to pay their policy limits in less than three months.

Auto vs. Auto

Our client was rear-ended while pregnant. As a result of her pregnancy, she was unable to get much treatment. Because of her lack of treatment, the insurance company initially refused to make an offer. However, we were able to get them to pay the full policy limits without having to file a lawsuit.

Passenger v. Commercial Vehicle

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle, and was crashed into by an unsafe lane change. The accident caused him to sustain injuries to his neck and lower back. We were able to settle his claim for
$135,000.00 in less than a year without having to file a lawsuit.

Auto v. Auto – Back to Back Accidents

Our client was involved in a rear end accident that caused minimal damage to his car. The at-fault party, however, was not insured. Therefore, our client presented an uninsured motorist claim with his insurance company for injuries sustained. The insurance company’s initial offer was less than our client’s medical bills and less than half his policy limit. They tried to justify their offer by stating our client did not sustain any real injuries due to minimal property damage. Within a few weeks later, we were able to secure the policy limits for our client.

About 3 months after his first accident, our client was broadsided in a different accident. Despite a favorable police report, the other party tried to apportion liability. As a result, they extended a low offer adding that our client was also injured in a previous accident. In less than a few weeks, we are able to get the insurance company to pay their full limits. Additionally, we were able to get our client’s insurance company to also pay the full
$25,000 uninsured motorist policy limits.

What started out to as two low offers turned into maximum compensation for our client.

Elliott handled my case like a pro. They were fair, straight to the point and got me my settlement fast.

Isaac K, Encino, CA

Previous Months

Auto v. Big Rig

Client was driving on the freeway when a big rig negligently turned into Client’s lane.  Client required surgery.  Client’s previous attorney had client find his own doctors.  We found the Client proper medical care and recovered
$510,000.00 in damages for Client.

Auto v. Auto (Pre-existing Condition)

Client had prior existing back problem when he was rear-ended on the freeway.  Client underwent a series of three epidural injections.  We settled the Client’s case for

Pedestrian v. Auto

The at-fault party ran over and fractured Client’s toes. We helped Client obtain
$99,000.00 in damages.

Auto v. Auto (Rear End)

A family of three was rear-ended on the freeway. We were able to settle their claims for the policy limits.

Auto v. Auto (Left Turn)

Client was making a left turn. Defendant ran the red light. The insurance company adamantly placed our client at fault. We were able to secure policy limits from the driver and owner’s insurance company without filing a lawsuit.

Foreign Substance in Food

Client bit on a bolt that was in his fries. Defendant initially denied the claim. We were ultimately able to settle client’s claim for
$12,500 without filing suit.

Auto v. Auto (Hit and Run)

Our client was rear-ended on the freeway. The at-fault party fled the scene. We settled her claim for the policy limits with her own insurance company.

Auto v. Auto (Uninsured Driver)

Our client was hit by an uninsured driver. Her medical bills were accruing fast. We were able to settle her claim with her own insurance company for policy limits in less than four months.

Auto v. Auto (DUI driver)

Our uninsured client was hit by a drunk driver. Insurance company paid the policy limits in less than three months.

Auto v. Auto (Adverse Police Report)

Client was placed at fault on the police report and then dropped by her previous attorney. We stepped in and settled her claim for
policy limits in less than two months.

Auto v. Auto (Rear End)

Our clients were rear-ended two weeks before their wedding. The insurance company offered them
$500.00 each to settle their claim. We settled their case for the policy limits.

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