At The Accident Guys, we have an impressive record of daily car accident settlement payouts. Below are actual cases our attorneys have settled for our clients. If you have time to read through our results, you can get a good idea of the cases our office has handled. These aren’t necessarily the highest settlements of the month, but cases where our lawyers made a big difference for our clients. Please note all cases are different and no guarantees can be made.

We proudly serve all of California and for your convenience we can come to you. If you are curious about what to expect after your car accident, please give us a call to consult with us today for free. We do not charge anything upfront and only get paid if we win your case.

November 2021

Bicycle v. Auto – Disputed Liability

Our client was riding his bicycle when he was hit from behind by the defendant. As a result, he suffered from a knee injury that required surgery. Initially the insurance company accepted liability but changed their liability position when they received the police report (adverse to our client). Despite disputing liability, we ultimately got them to pay the full policy limits without having to file a lawsuit.

October 2021

Rear End Auto Accident – Initial Low Ball Offer

Our client was the victim of a high-speed rear-end collision, which resulted in a total loss to his vehicle and injuries to his head, neck, back, shoulders, and knees. Namely, he suffered 3mm disc protrusions in his cervical and lumbar spine, and a right shoulder tear, requiring one epidural injection and two medial branch block injections. He was also recommended a future three-level rhizotomy, costing $19,000. His medical specials totaled $77,406. The at-fault party’s Allstate insurance policy limits were $100,000. After we made a policy limits demand, Allstate offered $36,000. Given the large gap in value and our non-negotiable demand that Allstate pay the policy limits, we filed suit shortly after. After a few months of litigation, Allstate paid the full policy limits.

Mehrab A, Irvine, CA
BEST Accident attorneys ever, very professional and friendly. From the moment I called them to the end of the case they have been very informative and helped me understand anything I did not understand. I felt like I was taken care as if I was one of their family members. If you are ever in an accident don’t hesitate to give them a call. Thanks again for helping me throughout the whole process.
Mehrab A, Irvine, CA

September 2021

Auto Accident – Passenger

Our client was a passenger in his dad’s car when they were suddenly clipped on the driver side rear of the vehicle. Although the property damage was minor, he sustained multiple small protrusions in his cervical spine. Following months of treatment, our client made a full recovery. Mr. Mendez’s medical bills were $11,889.00 in total and the initial offer from the third party insurance carrier, Progressive Insurance, was for $12,100.00. Progressive’s position was that our client could not have been hurt from this minor accident and that even if he was injured, he should have recovered quickly because he is young. Progressive was so sure in their position that they sent over a written release along with their initial $12,100.00 offer. Following weeks of negotiations with the third party adjuster, we were able to raise the initial offer by 65% to a total settlement of $20,000.00.

August 2021

$125k Settlement for Hit and Run Accident

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that got rear-ended by a hit and run driver, but luckily the plates were left at the scene. Unfortunately, our client had a shoulder tear. However, she was unable to do certain procedures due to religious reasons. Although two separate doctors had recommended surgery, nearly two years after the collision our client did not want to proceed. We continued to review and monitored her case over the years and approved a 3rd and final round of physical therapy. Although our client clearly was in pain, the two year mark was coming up. After her settlement, that shoulder surgery is covered should she ever need it, and then some.

July 2021

DUI Accident

Our client was injured in a DUI accident which ended up totaling his vehicle. As a result of the accident, he suffered from neck and back injuries injuries and incurred approximately $5,000.00 in medical bills. Because his medical bills were low, the insurance company made an initial offer slightly over $8,000. However, this was a DUI accident that caused our client to experience psychological issues in addition to his physical injuries. Therefore, we recommended our client reject anything less than the policy limits. Our client agreed and as such we refused to settle for anything less. Subsequently, after a few rounds of negotiations, the adjuster tendered the policy limits (nearly doubling their original offer) without our office having to file a lawsuit. Needless to say, justice was served.

Damaged sedan

June 2021

Rear-ended during Rideshare

Our client was driving for a RIDESHARE COMPANY when she came to a stop. Suddenly, she was rear-ended by the middle car in a three car Collision. After taking an ambulance to the hospital and being discharged, she was back at yet another hospital, with 2 days, due to significant pain. She called our office and was scheduled with a chiropractor the same day. Nearly a year of treatment later, we quickly got the responsible party’s insurance to pay their policy limits. We switched gears and began the underinsured motorist claim against the rideshare company.

We ultimately were able to net the client a total of $175,000 without having to file for arbitration. Our client was overjoyed to find out she would walk away with over $80,000 in her pocket, more than half the settlement. Through tears of joy she told us she had just left her apartment to seek the comfort of family, and could finally spend some needed time with them without worrying about rent or her future treatment.

Sentra rear ended

May 2021

Uninsured Motorist Case for $500,000

This case was a hard-fought uninsured motorist case that settled a month before the arbitration hearing. Our client was a mid 40 year old pedestrian who was run over by a hit-and-run driver in a parking lot while walking his dog. The trauma caused our client to sustain severe spinal cord compression which required a cervical fusion and subsequent laminectomy. As our client has cerebral palsy, his injuries caused him to lose his independence in life. Though he was highly-functional and lived independently before the subject incident, his injuries required assistance with every day tasks such as preparing meals, pouring drinks, dressing, grooming and bathing for the rest of his life.

He retained our firm weeks before the two-year uninsured motorist statute of limitations after he was unsatisfied by the first firm he fired. We filed for arbitration immediately against his own insurance company. The UM policy limits were $500,000.00. We pursued his case very aggressively in litigation, completing discovery, picking an arbitrator, and calendaring an arbitration date within six months of retaining the case. Despite our five demands for uninsured motorist coverage offers and the overwhelming evidence of our client’s damages in excess of the uninsured policy limits, his own insurance company never made an offer.

As the case was moving toward to the arbitration hearing and we were submitting our expert designations, the insurance company finally offered to resolve the claim for the uninsured policy limits of $500,000.00. Our client was ecstatic with the result, very thankful for our hard work and aggressive pursuit of justice for him, and said he could not have been happier with his decision to hire our firm. Ultimately, our client will net over $200,000.00 in his pocket.

April 2021

T-Boned by Commercial Pickup Truck

This month’s pre-litigation case of the month is a father who was t-boned by a commercial pick-up truck, rendering his vehicle a total loss. The policy limits were unknown, but we did know the policy limits were high as it was a commercial insurance policy.

Our client suffered cervical and lumbar disc protrusions, requiring epidural injections. Our client was also recommended future epidural injections in order to care for the injuries he sustained from the accident.

In response to our settlement demand, the third party made an initial offer of $50k. Initially, we seemed very far apart in terms of settlement value. But, after over a month of continuous negotiations, we were able to increase the offer to $125k. Additionally, we were able to obtain a waiver on the medical payments making the total settlement $146,173.56.

The client was ecstatic with the result, as it was way more than he had initially anticipated! This case is a great example of an overall fantastic outcome and recovery for our client.

Crumpled front end of Honda

March 2021

Total loss from Commercial Truck Accident

Our client was rear-ended by a commercial truck, resulting in a total loss. The initial offer from the opposing insurance was $150k. After completing written discovery, we mediated the case with and settled at mediation for $350k. The client and her husband were extremely happy with the result as they will net way more than expected from the settlement. An overall great result for the client in a quick turn around time between filing and settlement, without too much litigation in between.

Total loss from commercial truck

February 2021

Passenger in T-Bone Vehicle

Our client was riding as a passenger in their sister’s vehicle, when an Amazon driver ran a stop sign and T-Boned the vehicle. The car was a total loss, and both had to be immediately hospitalized. After dealing with our client’s insurance company for five months, our client decided to call The Accident Guys.

We were able to set our client up with chiropractors and specialists. Our attorneys were able to obtain letters from our client’s family business showing they had to take time off for several weeks. We also discussed how our client is a caretaker for their two adult children with special needs. After several months of negotiation, we were able to settle this case for $80,000.00 without any surgery or invasive procedures. Our client walked away extremely grateful!

January 2021

Total Loss from Rear End Accident

This month we worked with a client that unfortunately experienced a total loss from a rear end accident. Their small Yaris was hit by a Chevy Truck, ultimately totaling our client’s vehicle.

After monitoring our client’s treatment for their neck and back injuries from the accident, we found an excellent surgeon who successfully repaired their hernia with no money out of pocket.

We were also able to negotiate the claim up to $137,500.00, more than $100K above their initial offer. Our client was thrilled, and even left a video testimonial!

December 2020

Rear-ended into Another Car

December’s case of the month is a big “little guy” win for a second-time client. With persistence, refusal to back down, advantage of timing, and a strong warning letter, we pushed back against a disappointing initial offer and received overnight delivery of the settlement.

This was a classic rear-end case where our client was hurled into the vehicle in front of them, trapped in the middle of a three-vehicle-pile-up.

Our client required medical visits, chiro, and a cervical MRI revealing disc bulges. As a direct result of our client’s whiplash injuries, their work as a dog groomer was significantly impacted, particularly considering the physical nature of her job.

Ultimately, our client was ecstatic with their settlement, skipped litigation, and will be using their settlement to invest in their own dog grooming business.

Damage to Honda

November 2020

Auto v. Truck: Rear-ended

This month we had a returning client who was rear-ended by a truck on 48th St in Los Angeles, and was hurled into the vehicle in front of them. Their Prius was sandwiched in between two vehicles and our client was rushed same-day to urgent care and, unfortunately, sustained several all-over injuries.

After a 3-months recovery period of chiro, pain management sessions, MRIs, and two lumbar transforaminal epidural injections, our client still suffered residual lower back pain and had gained roughly thirty pounds due to their inability to exercise or go hiking (one of her few remaining hobbies during quarantine).

We stuck to our guns on this case, refusing to come down one penny for the next three rounds of negotiations.

After we requested the adjuster’s direct supervisor’s information in writing and specified that we would be notifying the supervisor of the case going to arbitration due to the adjuster’s mismanagement and unwillingness to fairly evaluate the claim, we received a better offer within twenty-three minutes. We settled this claim for $50,000 overall.

October 2020

3-Vehicle Pile up

This client was caught in the middle of a 3-vehicle-pile-up on the eastbound 605 FWY in Ontario, CA. The double-impact caused expensive damages to our client’s vehicle – rendering it a total loss – and our client sustained deep, visible contusions to their upper/mid-back. Our client initially required urgent care and ultimately underwent chiro, pain management, cervical and lumbar MRIs, a lumbar facet block injection, and a cervical facet block injection.

In the Demand and negotiation stages, we harped on the fact that our client is legally entitled to future treatment incurred with reasonable certainty: in this case, additional lumbar facet block injections.

Aside from specific medical needs, another driving factor here was our client’s negatively affected family life. Our client was most disappointed that their injuries prevented them from carrying their toddler daughter or chasing after their 8 year old.

Our client was able to pay their expenses and walk away with $41,666.66 from this settlement.

Damage to Chevy

September 2020

Multi-Vehicle Collision

Our client suffered a traumatic 3-vehicle collision where a motorcyclist (another claimant) was hurled directly onto our client’s windshield. Our client suffered severe lumbar pain, trauma to the head caused by airbag deployment, and trauma to his left side.

Our client was relieved to hear we didn’t have to go through their own uninsured motorist insurance and could get the treatment necessary after their accident. After re-demanding a higher settlement, and undigging further policy information from the adjuster, we hit a total $115K settlement, which our client was incredibly thankful for.

August 2020

Passenger Accident with Policy Limits

Our client was innocently dozing off in the passenger seat when a multi-vehicle, multi-claimant collision occurred. As a direct result, our client incurred large medical costs, including the ER, chiro sessions, MRIs, a steroid injection, and surgical recommendations for a discectomy and hemilaminectomy.

After strategizing, our client returned to a spine surgeon for a follow-up evaluation and confirmation that the surgeries are, in fact, medically necessary. We refused to come down on our demands and supplemented our case rather than countering with a lower demand.

We ultimately hit the policy limits, and our client walked away with $45,453.97 (and counting).

Altima with rear end damage

July 2020

T-Bone Accident with Policy Limits

Unfortunately, our client was involved in a T-Bone accident and racked up large medical bills. Despite a favorable police report and accepted liability, the initial offer was not nearly enough to cover our client’s needs.

Our attorneys immediately got on the phone with the adjuster and convinced them to run this up the chain and speak with management so we could avoid suit. After following up with a strong and detailed letter pleading our client’s case, we got the adjusters to pay the policy limits overnight.

We then proceeded to our client’s personal policy, convincing the adjuster to waive reimbursement, bringing the total settlement up to $35,000.00 – just shy of 6X the initial offer!

Black car t-boned

June 2020

VA Insurance Settlement for Damaged Foot

This client was a combat veteran who had just been accepted to law school. Unfortunately, our client was walking and had their foot run over, ultimately breaking it, months before they were set to relocate for school. To make matters worse, his VA health insurance denied the bills. After intense negotiation, we were able to get the VA to cover the bills in full.

After battling the insurance company for months, they finally agreed to consider mediation. However, this mediation would be conducted through and at their defense firm, which was less than desirable. Worst yet, COVID-19 struck, and now mediation was off the table.

After mediation fell through, we just kept on fighting. After 7 rounds of negotiation, our attorneys were able to secure an offer, one that was higher than our team expected at trial! Needless to say, our client was thrilled with the result, and wrote us glowing reviews.

Foot Injury from being ran over

May 2020

Head-on Collision

This client was involved in a Head-On T-Bone Collision that ended up totaling their car. Our client suffered from cervical bulges and a left knee injury.

After speaking with the adjuster, we held firm to our policy limit demand. After crafting a strongly written letter that stressed the fact that our client was a 23 year old behavioral therapist who worked with children with autism. Working with children only exacerbated our client’s injury and complicated their job. Fortunately, the letter got the adjuster to nearly triple their initial offer and paid out the policy limits!

Damage from head on collision

April 2020

New Car T-boned

Our client scrimped and saved for years to buy a new car, and the very same day they drove it off the lot our client was t-boned, causing their new vehicle to spin multiple times and collide into a divider. Sadly, the car was a total loss, and worse yet our client was in serious pain. Initially, the police report put our client at fault. However, our Case Manager did a fantastic job of tracking down a witness, who was kind enough to give us a written statement that ended up putting liability in our favor.

After a few rounds of negotiation, we were able to secure a large settlement. In the end, our client walked away with plenty of funds to get a new set of wheels and cover any future treatment they may need.

Crumpled side of new car

March 2020

Trip and Fall Six-Figure Settlement

This case was a trip and fall mediated settlement where the client received an amazing net recovery of $138,042.20. Our client tripped and fell on chipped, dilapidated steps in a shopping center. Among other injuries, they suffered a broken left femur that required surgery. The femur surgery left our client with a large 30 cm scar on their left leg.

After weeks of negotiating, we successfully increased the offer before mediation. Our client was ecstatic with the overall result.

scar from trip and fall

Maddy M, Laguna Niguel, CA
I could tell Omid genuinely cared about my situation. He always kept in contact, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. We were also able to settle on a higher amount than originally anticipated, due to his hard work! Thank you again!
Maddy M, Laguna Niguel, CA

February 2020

Minimal Property Damage and Treatment

Our client was involved in an accident with very little property damage. However, our client was almost immediately recommended cervical fusion surgery. All of his treatment was through our client’s health insurance, which basically consisted of the hospital visit, an orthopedic surgical consultation, and a little physical therapy. Beyond helping our client get necessary medical treatment, we were able to max out their MedPay and have reimbursement waived.  In the end, our client was able to walk away with an $11K recovery, on minimal property damage and treatment.

January 2020

Trip and Fall Six-Figure Settlement

This case was a trip and fall mediated settlement where the client received an amazing net recovery of $138,042.20. Our client tripped and fell on chipped, dilapidated steps in a shopping center. Among other injuries, they suffered a broken left femur that required surgery. The femur surgery left our client with a large 30 cm scar on their left leg.

After weeks of negotiating, we successfully increased the offer before mediation. Our client was ecstatic with the overall result.

Van rear-ended by underinsured driver

December 2019

Auto v. Semi-Truck: Rear Ended

Our client was involved in a horrific collision: she was severely rear-ended by a semi-truck. The shocking property damage photographs would make most people question whether our client even survived the collision. Fortunately, she walked away alive and suffered a right wrist fracture that healed with a soft brace. Her total medical expenses were $23,708.73.

The defendant’s insurance company had a $1,000,000 commercial liability policy limit. Initially the insurance company offered around $18,000 to settle days after the collision. Given their low-ball offer, our client knew she needed legal representation and hired our firm.

Their offer in response to our settlement demand was $34,866.06. After two weeks of negotiating, they increased their offer to $64,267 – claiming it was their top offer. As a result, we persuaded our client to agree to mediation and reject their proposed offer.

At mediation, they increased their offer to $67,000 and eventually $70,000. We rejected their $70,000 offer, explaining our client’s pain and suffering was significant and could not be approached in a cookie-cutter way. Our client did well explaining the impact to her daily life and the trauma she suffered because of the accident. As a result, the offer was increased to $80,000.

Although we believed her case was worth more than $80,000, our client chose to settle the case because she wanted to “put the matter behind her and move on with her life.” Ultimately, she was happy with her settlement and extremely thankful for our hard work and dedication to her case.

Car hit by semi-truck

October 2019

Case Highlight: Six-Figure Settlement

We obtained a six figure settlement for our client who was struck by a large truck that ran a stop sign.

Notably, our client suffered a 8 mm lumbar disc herniation which caused major lower back pain. The pain still persisted after receiving two lumbar epidural steroid injections. Our client’s damages totaled $37,372.

The defendant’s insurance company made an initial offer of $38,343. After negotiation, ultimately increased their offer to $43,500. They claimed they could not increase their offer without any new information.

We rejected their offer knowing that our client’s case was worth more. We let them know if they were serious about settling the case before litigation, they needed to get authorization for a six figure settlement.

During about 45 days of constant communication regarding their settlement offer, we maintained that our client need additional treatment and that we were not interested in settling for anywhere near their offer.

Nearly three months after their initial offer, they called to ask about accepting their $43,500 offer. We maintained our client’s position was clear: litigation will result unless they present a six figure settlement offer.

Six days later, the defendant’s insurance company called to present a new offer of $87,100. We rejected. The following day, they increased their offer to $95,000. After negotiations, during the same call, their offer increased to over $100,000.00.

Our client was thankful for our firm’s hard work and ecstatic with his net recovery which was more than what the insurance company initially offered without having to file a lawsuit.

Toyota car crash with front corner damaged badly
Toyota car crash with front corner damaged badly

September 2019

Auto v. Auto: Two Accidents in the Same Month

Our client was involved in a hit and run accident and a rear accident in the same month. Unfortunately, our client did not have uninsured motorist coverage for the first accident. When the adjuster evaluated her car for the second accident, he learned she was involved in another accident earlier in the month. After we submitted a policy limits demand to resolve the claim, the bodily injury adjuster questioned our client’s injuries and was hoping to pin them on the first accident.

However, the negotiating attorney successfully argued that the injuries she sustained for second collision were different from the first collision. As such, we were able to secure the full policy limits for the second accident in less than a year. After our client learned about the settlement, she became very emotional as she did not expect anything from her case. She let us know that before she hired our office, she tried to handle the case on her own and was yelled at by the adjuster trying to discourage her from pursuing her case with a law firm.

Damaged rear of car

Auto v. Auto: T-Boned at a Stop Sign

The defendant ran a stop sign and t-boned our client, who was driving with her 2 children. Our client sustained had a lower back injury which necessitated an injection. Her daughter had a small bruise on her head and went to the ER. After a few rounds of negotiations, we were able to resolve our client’s client for 50% more than what the insurance company initially offered without having to file a lawsuit in less than a year.

Dented car door

Auto v. Auto: Rear End

Our client was rear-ended on the freeway at night with her son in the backseat. Her son was not injured and our client suffered from minor muscle sprains/strains. However, the accident caused our client to suffer from a lot of anxiety. Despite the minor property damage and low medical bills, we were able to settle her claim without having to file a lawsuit for a favorable amount in less than 7 months.


Auto v. Auto: Underinsured Motorist

Our 27 year old client was broad-sided by a driver that caused her vehicle to veer off the road and collide into a park bench. Her vehicle was a total loss. She sustained both neck and back injuries. visible inflammation of her hand, and bruising of her abdomen that did not dissipate for nearly two weeks after the collision.

We exhausted the at-fault party’s limits. As such, an underinsured claim was submitted to her own insurance company. Initially, her own insurance company made an extremely low offer to resolve the claim claiming that our client was young and is going to recover daily quickly. We rejected that argument and suggested we mediate the claim. At mediation, we made all the right arguments but the insurance company still did not want to pay what we believed was reasonable. Shortly after the mediation, however, the insurance company accepted our demand and we were able to resolve the claim for more than 7 times the insurance company’s initial offer.

Bicycle v. Auto: Clavicle Fracture

This was a difficult case with a client who was riding his bike, when the defendant swung open their car door. As a result, our client flew from his bike onto the pavement, and sustained a clavicle fracture. Treatment was relatively limited with only 8 doctor’s visits, as his only non-surgical option was to wear a sling. As such, his medical bills were very low.

After getting to know our client, the negotiating attorney was able to argue to the adjuster how this injury affected client’s work in IT, especially only being able to type with one hand. Clearly, this had a huge impact on his job performance. Additionally, our client had a newborn at home, so carrying her was extremely difficult. He was also taking care of his ill father. Needless to say he was a very sympathetic client. Despite his limited treatment and low medical bills, we were able to secure the policy limits from the at-fault party’s insurance company and more money from our client’s underinsured motorist coverage. As a result of our efforts, our client netted 50% of the total settlement.

August 2019

Auto v. Commercial: Fracture

Our client was injured in a multiple vehicle accident. As they always try to do, the insurance company initially tried to low ball our client and offer $48,000. However, due to our firm’s persistence, we were able to settle our client’s case for more than 3 times her medical bills. Our client walked away with more money in her pocket than the insurance company’s initial offer without having to go to court.

front of car crushed up

Auto v. Auto: Sideswiped

The defendant sideswiped our client but lied to his insurance company about the facts of the accident. As a result, the insurance company denied liability. Our client, however, had dash cam footage that verified the facts of the accident. Despite the footage, the insurance adjuster continued to deny liability. Due to our attorneys’ persistence, we were able to reverse the adjuster’s liability decision and resolve the case for our client.

side of car damaged

Auto v. Auto: Stop Sign

Our client was t-boned at a stop sign causing her to suffer from a spine injury. At the time of accident our client was only 22 years. Our attorneys were able to secure the full policy limits for our client in less than 6 months.

hood of car damaged

Auto v. Auto (Driver and Passenger)

Our firm represented both the driver and passenger in a rear end accident. Shortly after the accident, they reached out to our office for representation. When they called, neither of them had seen a doctor despite their lower back pain. We set them up with treatment and resolved their claims for more than double their medical bills.

rear-ended truck

Pedestrian v. Auto: Fracture

Our 81-year-old client suffered a right tibia fracture and had difficulty walking after the incident. As such, he was recommended surgery. His medical bills were less than $15,000. Our client wanted to resolve the claim without going to court. As a result, our attorneys were able to resolve this claim for 6 figures, in less than 8 months without filing a lawsuit.

July 2019

Auto v. Semi Truck Accident

Our client was involved in a head-on collision with semi-truck resulting in significant injures. After months of treatment, the insurance company initially offered $150,000 and later tried to dispute liability. We were ultimately able to settle the client’s claim for $540,000 without having to set foot in court.

Wrecked front of car

Auto v. Auto Accident

Our client was rear-ended at high speed. He suffered injures to his back and knee and was recommended an epidural injection and bone marrow stem cell injection. The insurance company initially offered was $40,000. After weeks of negotiating, we were able to settle the case for $115,000 (almost four times his total medical bills).

BMW Rear-Ended

Left Turn Accident

Our client was referred to us by his relative who used our services in the past. In this case, the defendant made an unsafe left turn causing significant property damage to our client’s vehicle. As a result of the accident, our client suffered from neck, chest, wrist and knee pain. We were able to get the full policy limits of $50,000 for our client in less than 8 months.

Auto v. Auto Accident: Wrist Injury

Our client’s wrist injury was aggravated as a result of a rear-end accident. After she contacted our office, we were able to get her the treatment she needed. Although client’s car did not sustain significant property damage, we were able to secure the defendant’s policy limits of $100,000 without having to file a lawsuit.

Auto v. Auto Accident: Rear End

As a result of the accident, our client sustained whiplash, headaches and lower back pain. Despite these injuries, the insurance company refused to make an acceptable offer. Therefore, we had to file a lawsuit. Less than 6 months after the complaint was filed, the insurance company offered their insured’s $100,000 policy to resolve the claim.

Auto v. Bus Accident: Rear End

Although liability was clear, the bus company was non-responsive and did not provide their insurance information. However, our team’s persistence resulted in a settlement of $23,000 which was more than three times our client’s medical bills.

Patrick D, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Attorney Omid is a fantastic lawyer.. The response time was quick, he always answered any questions I had, and I am very happy with the settlement for my injuries. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Omid, he is very diligent and makes sure you are taken care of!
Patrick D, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

June 2019

Auto v. Uninsured DUI Motorist

Client was hit by an uninsured and drunk driver who ran a red light. Fortunately he had uninsured motorist coverage. Although our client sustained bodily injuries, he was only able to go to 1 doctors appointment. Nevertheless, we were able to secure the policy limits of $15,000 from his insurance company in under 1 year.

Jeep with front bummer hanging off

Auto v. Auto (Client with pre-existing injury)

Client with prior neck injury was rear-ended and pushing into the car in front of her by an uninsured driver, which aggravated her existing neck injury. We were able to secure policy limits of $50,000 for her in under 1 year.

rear impact car crash

Motorcycle v. Auto

Our client was sharing the lane while riding her motorcycle when she was cut off. She fell down at 20-25mph and had some road rash. She had minimal treatment with $3,500.00 in medical bills. We were able to get the insurance company to pay their policy limits in less than three months.

Motorcycle damaged fuel tank

Auto v. Auto

Our client was rear-ended while pregnant. As a result of her pregnancy, she was unable to get much treatment. Because of her lack of treatment, the insurance company initially refused to make an offer. However, we were able to get them to pay the full policy limits without having to file a lawsuit.

Rear bumper damaged

Passenger v. Commercial Vehicle

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle, and was crashed into by an unsafe lane change. The accident caused him to sustain injuries to his neck and lower back. We were able to settle his claim for $135,000.00 in less than a year without having to file a lawsuit.


Damaged car wheel arch

Auto v. Auto – Back to Back Accidents

Our client was involved in a rear end accident that caused minimal damage to his car. The at-fault party, however, was not insured. Therefore, our client presented an uninsured motorist claim with his insurance company for injuries sustained. The insurance company’s initial offer was less than our client’s medical bills and less than half his policy limit. They tried to justify their offer by stating our client did not sustain any real injuries due to minimal property damage. Within a few weeks later, we were able to secure the policy limits for our client.

About 3 months after his first accident, our client was broadsided in a different accident. Despite a favorable police report, the other party tried to apportion liability. As a result, they extended a low offer adding that our client was also injured in a previous accident. In less than a few weeks, we are able to get the insurance company to pay their full limits. Additionally, we were able to get our client’s insurance company to also pay the full $25,000 uninsured motorist policy limits.

What started out as two low offers turned into maximum compensation for our client.

Previous Months

Auto v. Big Rig

Client was driving on the freeway when a big rig negligently turned into Client’s lane.  Client required surgery.  Client’s previous attorney had client find his own doctors.  We found the Client proper medical care and recovered $510,000.00 in damages for Client.

Auto v. Auto (Pre-existing Condition)

Client had prior existing back problem when he was rear-ended on the freeway.  Client underwent a series of three epidural injections.  We settled the Client’s case for $140,000.00.

Pedestrian v. Auto

The at-fault party ran over and fractured Client’s toes. We helped Client obtain $99,000.00 in damages.

Auto v. Auto (Rear End)

A family of three was rear-ended on the freeway. We were able to settle their claims for the policy limits.

Auto v. Auto (Left Turn)

Client was making a left turn. Defendant ran the red light. The insurance company adamantly placed our client at fault. We were able to secure policy limits from the driver and owner’s insurance company without filing a lawsuit.

Foreign Substance in Food

Client bit on a bolt that was in his fries. Defendant initially denied the claim. We were ultimately able to settle client’s claim for $12,500 without filing suit.

Auto v. Auto (Hit and Run)

Our client was rear-ended on the freeway. The at-fault party fled the scene. We settled her claim for the policy limits with her own insurance company.

Auto v. Auto (Uninsured Driver)

Our client was hit by an uninsured driver. Her medical bills were accruing fast. We were able to settle her claim with her own insurance company for policy limits in less than four months.

Auto v. Auto (DUI driver)

Our uninsured client was hit by a drunk driver. Insurance company paid the policy limits in less than three months.

Auto v. Auto (Adverse Police Report)

Client was placed at fault on the police report and then dropped by her previous attorney. We stepped in and settled her claim for policy limits in less than two months.

Auto v. Auto (Rear End)

Our clients were rear-ended two weeks before their wedding. The insurance company offered them $500.00 each to settle their claim. We settled their case for the policy limits.

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