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Were you involved in an incident with distracted driving? The Accident Guys are your #1 choice, with over 1,100 5 star independent reviews – and no fees ever, unless we win your case. 

Every driver should be aware of the risks involved with distracted driving. Anytime your focus is diverted while driving, your eyes are off the road, hands off the wheel, you are partaking in distracted driving. This can lead to severe injuries and at-fault accidents. Here are some examples of distracted driving:

Visual Distractions

Reading the giant billboard in front of you or your favorite coffee shop sign can be tempting but when it comes to distracted driving, taking your eyes off of the road even for a split second can impair driving. Some examples of visual distractions are:

  • Looking at yourself in the rearview mirror
  • Staring at the GPS to see if you missed the exit 
  • Reading a text message
  • Looking at a YouTube video or other social media platforms

Manual Distractions 

Manual distractions are whenever you physically take your hands off the wheel. Below are some examples of manual distractions. 

  • Text messaging 
  • Drinking or eating 
  • Updating the GPS 
  • Fixing your hair or makeup 

Cognitive Distractions

When your mind is filled with to-do lists or focused on a set of thoughts while driving, this can lead to cognitive distractions. While driving, it is crucial to focus on the moment and your immediate surroundings. Some examples are: 

  • Daydreaming
  • Thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner
  • Road rage
  • Talking on the phone

You may think that the most significant cause of accidents is driving recklessly, but in most cases, simple diversion while driving can lead to severe accidents and even result in death. 

You’re not alone when it comes to distracted driving. You will need to have a personal injury lawyer by your side. If you’re a victim of distracted driving or have been at fault, The Accident Guys are here to advise you on the best steps to take in your distracted driving claim. 

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