Los Angeles is known for its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and insane traffic. We all know that once 5 o’clock hits, you have to avoid the freeway at all costs so you’re left at the mercy of google maps and side streets. We will do anything to avoid being stuck in that 2-hour commute home, but did you know that there are many streets in Los Angeles that are known for their frequent car accidents? Here we have the intersections in Los Angeles with the most car accidents:




In most of these cases, 41% of these drivers are at fault and 31% it is the pedestrians that are at fault. If you are looking for different streets to take home, then we highly suggest you avoid these intersections.


For those of you who like to get around by foot, avoid Hollywood & Highland. Not only is it home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it is also known as the place where most pedestrians get run over by cars. Followed by Central & Vernon, these are the streets to avoid if you are planning on walking to your next destination.




Lastly, we all hate hit and runs, right? Why do people make the decision to drive without being accountable for their actions? Whether it is because they are stressed, distracted, or just texting on their phone… hit and runs happen everywhere. Here, we have the intersections in LA with the most reported hit and runs:




Accidents are unavoidable. They can happen anywhere and at any time. But if we can avoid the places where they happen most often, then we can drive with a better piece of mind. If you or anyone you know is ever caught in an accident, whether it was your fault, a hit and run, motorcycle accidents, or any personal injury accident don’t hesitate to contact The Accident Guys. Your safety and justice is our priority; we are here to help you win!


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