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  • Speak to a 5 STAR Injury attorney 24/7.
  • We will come to you.
  • No fees unless you win. No money up front.
  • We will schedule you with a local doctor even if you don’t have health insurance.

Got Questions? Speak to a 5 star Fresno Injury Attorney 24/7 for Free.

  • Speak to a 5 STAR Injury attorney 24/7.
  • We will come to you.
  • No fees unless you win. No money up front.
  • We will schedule you with a local doctor even if you don’t have health insurance.

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“They dealt with all the hassles of trying to get back up on your feet.”
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“All of my medical bills were paid, car paid off, and I received a substantial settlement.”
– Marcus B.

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The Accident Guys Fresno Car Accident and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Why Should I Hire a Fresno Car Accident Attorney?

Almost everyone has experienced that initial moment when you realize that a collision is unavoidable. The first thing that usually comes to mind is how bad it will be and whether everyone will be ok. After that, the reality of the actual car accident sets in.

This is when insurance companies get involved and try to settle your claim for pennies on the dollar, which is precisely what the insurance providers and their attorneys hope you do. They want you to either get in a desperate situation that you have to take whatever they offer.

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That’s why you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Fresno. Our lawyers will guide you through the process and look out for your best interest. The Accident Guys enjoy a 98% rate of success with highly qualified testimonials and client reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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    Omid Dayan & Eliot Houman

    Omid E. Dayan & Eliot M. Houman

    Fresno Car Accident Statistics

    On average, there are over 2,800 vehicle-involved accidents in Fresno, of which approximately 150 involved a motorcycle. Nearly just as many (150) involved a pedestrian or a bicyclist. Nationally, Fresno ranks one of the highest for DUI’s with one of the leading causes of accidents.

    *Accident statistics provided by the Office of Traffic Safety in California

    Common Accident Injuries

    • Whiplash
    • Neck Injury
    • Spinal Cord Injury
    • Broken Bones
    • Burns
    • Wrongful Death

    Where Do Most Car Accidents in Fresno Happen?

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    Fresno, California has plenty of dangerous spots to look out for, both on major interstates and local Highways. Highway 99 and Interstate-5 are among the most dangerous roads in Fresno. Highway 99 was named one of the most dangerous roads in America back in 2016.

    Fresno, CA Dangerous Intersections

    • Del Ray and McKinley
    • Selma and Kingsburg
    • Bethel and Rose
    • Academy and Nebraska
    • Bethel and Nebraska

    What Makes The Accident Guys Different

    • You can speak with an attorney for a free car accident case evaluation
    • Your attorney will negotiate your car accident case, not a paralegal
    • You will have direct communication with your attorney, throughout your car accident case
    • Client satisfaction is our number one priority
    • We are a real law firm, not a referral service

    Why Should I Hire a Fresno Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

    Another type of accident that can be just as devastating is one that occurs on the job. Whether it is something to do with an injury from heavy equipment or getting hurt in an office building, knowing what you are entitled to is your right as a worker.

    The insurance companies will often try everything they can to keep from giving you a fair worker’s compensation settlement. Often, employees are eager to keep their jobs, and they agree to take less than what they are owed. This can cause problems with being able to cover long-term medical expenses or other bills. You can find out more about hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Fresno here.

    What Types of Damages Can I Seek Compensation For?
    Damages are an award (usually financial) granted as compensation for an injury, death, or another type of loss. In general, here are some of the things you can seek compensation for: medical bills, property repair, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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    What if I Was Involved In an Accident Involving Lyft or Uber?
    Whether a Lyft or Uber driver hit you or you were a rideshare passenger, our personal injury attorneys can help. There are a lot of unique legal ramifications involving these types of accidents. It’s best to have a legal expert on your side.

    What Determines Who is Responsible for an Automobile Accident?
    Figuring out the party at fault in an auto accident is a matter of determining who was careless. As far as traffic accidents go, state and local traffic laws provide guidelines by which responsibility and liability can be measured. These rules apply to more than just automobiles, as well. They are also drafted to address motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. And even in some rare cases, a driver can be held liable for an accident when he or she was obeying traffic laws.

    What Should I Do Immediately Following a Car Accident?
    We compiled a list of suggestions for after you are involved in a vehicular accident:

    • Remain calm and stay in your vehicle (unless the car is in an unstable or dangerous condition).
    • Turn your hazard lights on.
    • Call 9-1-1 no matter how minor the accident maybe.
    • Seek medical care for any injured passengers or drivers.
    • Please do not move the vehicles (unless it is necessary) before the police arrive.
    • Never leave the scene.
    • Be sure to get the names, phone numbers, and addresses of everybody involved, including any witnesses.
    • Make sure you document the names and badge ID numbers of any police officers responding to the accident or involved in the investigation.
    • Take photos of all the vehicles involved, as well as any injuries sustained by you or your passengers.
    • Never admit fault.
    • Immediately contact your insurance company in regards to the accident.

    Do not discuss the auto accident with anybody except the police or a car accident attorney.

    What Should I Do In the Next Few Days After My Accident?
    Once you have had the chance to gather your bearings and concentrate on the many steps that it may take to recover and move on from your car accident, here are a few tasks you should get started on:

    • Document all doctor visits, along with any other healthcare providers. Keep a journal of any pain or symptoms you may experience. Get your copy of all test results, prescriptions, treatments, as well as any other important medical information.
    • Keep a detailed account of any out-of-pocket costs you incur.
    • Record lost time at work, as well as any other activities or events in which you weren’t able to participate in.
    • Never agree to a settlement offer from an insurance company before consulting a lawyer.
    Eddie H, Fresno, CA
    They helped me find the best healthcare available, and work with my busy schedule to get my life back on track … I highly recommend contacting The Accident Guys in the event of injuries resulting from vehicle collisions.
    Eddie H, Fresno, CA

    We Will…

    • Protect you from the insurance company so they don’t take advantage of you
    • Find you a local doctor, even if you don’t have health insurance
    • Only get paid, if you get paid
    • Not charge you anything upfront
    • Come to you – at home, hospital, work or another convenient location
    Common Questions

    Real Results For Our Clients

    Rear End Accident

    Our client was rear ended at a high speed. Moderate damage to his vehicle. We were able to secure the 6 figure policy limits without filing a lawsuit.

    Disputed Motorcycle Accident

    Our client was placed at fault on the police report and his prior attorney was not doing anything about it. After he hired our firm, we were able to get the full policy limits on multiple insurance policies without filing a lawsuit.

    Bicycle Accident

    The client was riding her bike when a car opened the door in front of her. Client sustained a toe injury. We settled her case for $100,000.00 without filing a lawsuit.

    Dog Bite

    Client was bitten by her neighbor’s dog and is rushed to the hospital where she gets 25 stitches. We settled her case for $300,000.00 without filing a lawsuit.

    Yuridia L, Bakersfield, CA
    My husband was behind the wheel of our new jeep that we had just bought two weeks prior, and I was in the passenger seat. We were hit from behind while at a complete stop. This was our first accident ever, and after a day we were still in pain. We weren’t quite sure what to do, so we decided to go online and research local accident attorneys. I am so glad I came across The Accident Guys! They helped us out with our medical appointments and treatment. They even guided us through the process of getting our Jeep repaired rather quickly! The Accident Guys kept us up to date throughout the whole process, checked in on us frequently, and made sure we were well taken care of! I hope I never need them again, but should I need an accident attorney in the future, I would call them again in a heartbeat!
    Yuridia L, Bakersfield, CA

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    We are here for you!

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or on the job, you have rights. Call us so we can help protect those rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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    Omid Dayan & Eliot Houman

    Omid E. Dayan & Eliot M. Houman

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