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Why Should I hire a Temecula Accident Attorney?

One of the most stressful things to deal with in life is the aftermath of being in a car accident. Depending on how severe the auto accident, you may face medical expenses, car repair bills, and a loss of money from missing work due to your accident.

It would be best if you had a Temecula personal injury lawyer who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are quick to offer a settlement in hopes you’ll accept. These lowball offers are usually never enough to cover your needs, and in most cases, you’ll be stuck paying out of pocket for accident-related expenses.

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Our lawyers know all the tricks the insurance companies use to force you into accepting their low offers. This is why you need to hire a Temecula car accident lawyer to ensure you get the settlement you need. Our accident attorneys have a network of Temecula Valley chiropractors and medical professionals that can help you after your accident.With a proven track record and a 98% success rate helping clients, don’t trust your case to any other Temecula law firm. When you call The Accident Guys, you will speak directly to a lawyer so you can get the legal advice your case needs.

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If you were injured due to the fault of another, you may be entitled to serious compensation. Call us now for a free consultation. We will discuss your rights and explain how we will work to maximize your recovery.

Regardless of your location, we can come to you at your convenience. We are ready to serve you.



Omid E. Dayan & Eliot M. Houman

Temecula Car Accident Statistics

The Temecula and Murrieta areas are one of the fastest-growing cities in Riverside County. With this explosion of new homes, shopping malls, and retail stores, traffic has drastically increased. Anyone that travels the area knows that Interstate 15 and Winchester Road can become parking lots during rush hour.

Temecula has around 500 injury car accidents per year; of those, 6% are drunk driving-related. Murrieta’s drunk driving accidents account for 7% of their yearly accidents and the overall accident rate of about 275 per year.

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It is also important to note that Temecula has a low pedestrian and bicycle accident rate; however, they still occur. Temecula pedestrian-vehicle accidents account for less than 4% of all accidents.

Temecula motorcycle accidents happen at a higher rate compared to other California cities. Temecula averages about 40 motorcycle accidents per year. These accidents are more severe and lead to a higher rate of wrongful death lawsuits.

*Statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety

Common Injuries from Accidents:

  • Neck Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Wrongful Death

What Makes The Accident Guys Different

  1. You will speak with an attorney when you call, not a call center
  2. Your attorney will negotiate your case, not a paralegal
  3. You will have direct communication with your attorney, throughout your case
  4. Client satisfaction is our number one priority
  5. We are a real law firm, not a referral service

Why Should I Hire a Temecula Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Have you been injured on the job in the Temecula area? If so, you probably have questions about your rights and what medical services you are entitled to. At The Accident Guys, our Temecula worker’s compensation lawyers can help answer all your questions and help you get the money and medical treatment you deserve for your work accident. We have a team of legal professionals dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured workers.

Your employer’s worker’s compensation adjuster may use tactics to deny claims or only pay for partial claims. You may be told that you have to see their doctor and not your own. The insurance company will be quick to offer a settlement, and often it is for only a fraction of the money you will need for medical bills, lost wages, and any impairment or disability. To find out more on how our team at The Accident Guys can help with your work injury claim, click here.

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Where Do Car Accidents in Temecula Happen?

Many of the residents of Temecula commute south to San Diego via Interstate 15 for work. This stretch of the freeway can become a dangerous speedway for cars. Temecula isn’t too far from Riverside’s either, and commuters work in that area.

Once back in Temecula, there is a lot of stop and go driving virtually any time of the day. The freeway off-ramps of Temecula Parkway, Winchester Road, and Murrieta Hot Springs Road can get backed up and are accident-prone. It’s not uncommon to have crashes that involved rear-ending, distracted drivers usually texting in traffic, and reckless driving.

Temecula, CA Dangerous Intersections

  • Winchester Road & Jefferson Avenue
  • Ynez Road & Winchester Road
  • Bedford Court & Temecula Parkway
  • Pechanga Parkway & Temecula Parkway
  • Margarita Road & Temecula Parkway


Do I have a personal injury claim?
If someone hit you and it was their fault, then you have the right to recover compensation from that person for both your physical injuries and the damage to your car. The accident does not have to be 100% their fault. Even if you are partially at-fault for the accident, you may have a claim. It is best to contact us for your free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible.

What should I do after my accident?
If you have a serious injury, you should first seek medical attention. After that, you will want to contact a car accident lawyer in Temecula to handle your claim. The Accident Guys will guide you through each step of the way to help protect you and your financial interests.

What type of damages can I recover?
When someone else is responsible for an accident, you have the right to recover expenses you have incurred or might incur in the future. Some of the damages we can recover are medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning potential, emotional distress, and mental anguish.

Will I have to go to court?
95% of all personal injury cases are settled out of court. The only reason we will have to go to court is if we cannot reach an agreement. While we will give you our advice, the decision to go to court is always the client’s.

I was hit by a work truck. What should I do?
A commercial vehicle accident can be more complicated than when a private driver hits you and commercial insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with. It is rare for anyone to walk away without injuries. These types of accidents usually require long term rehabilitation. This is the reason why you should contact The Accident Guys as soon as possible.

How long will my case take?
Every case is different, but the sooner we start working on your case, the faster we can seek a settlement. Since each case is different, it is best to ask your lawyer these questions related to your specific case.

Do you take cases involving Uber or Lyft?
Yes, if you were hurt as a passenger, driver, or pedestrian involved in a rideshare accident from companies like Uber or Lyft, we can help. Rideshare companies are required to carry a large insurance policy in the event of a traffic accident.

We Will...

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Real Results For Our Clients

Rear End Accident Icon

Rear End Accident

Our client was rear ended at a high speed. Moderate damage to his vehicle. We were able to secure the 6 figure policy limits without filing a lawsuit.

Disputed Motorcycle Accident Icon

Disputed Motorcycle Accident

Our client was placed at fault on the police report and his prior attorney was not doing anything about it. After he hired our firm, we were able to get the full policy limits on multiple insurance policies without filing a lawsuit.

Bicycle Accident Icon

Bicycle Accident

The client was riding her bike when a car opened the door in front of her. Client sustained a toe injury. We settled her case for $100,000.00 without filing a lawsuit.

Dog Bite Icon

Dog Bite

Client was bitten by her neighbor's dog and is rushed to the hospital where she gets 25 stitches. We settled her case for $300,000.00 without filing a lawsuit.

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The Accident Guys

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or on the job, you have rights. Call us so we can help protect those rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Omid E. Dayan & Eliot M. Houman

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